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Send key information to 9-1-1 with one touch

Text if you are unable to speak

Keep family members connected and informed


Reduction in property damage*


Reduction in healthcare costs*

Developed with emergency response community, help is one touch away even if you have a low battery, no cell connection, or don't know where you are

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    Send GPS location and relevant info to 9-1-1 with one touch
  • Cant_Speak.png
    Speak and send text to 9-1-1
  • Family_Connect.png
    Check in with family members and call for help on their behalf

*Based on actuarial analysis conducted with industry leading experts

"A lifesaving smartphone app"
"The app that could save your life"
"9-1-1 callers get through to emergency responders faster with the app"

Lifesaving Technology to Aid Emergency Response

180 million mobile 9-1-1 calls are made each year, most with limited data and imprecise location information. Haven provides enhanced data flow to first responders and loved ones in an emergency – sending unparalleled information when it matters most.

Reach emergency help with One-Touch-911

Keep loved ones close with Family Connect


82% of violent crimes occur outside the home. Send 9-1-1 important information with one touch, including GPS location and type of emergency.


Send text messages to 9-1-1 when you can’t speak or need to get help discreetly.


Intelligent connectivity provides you with the strongest connection available, even if you have poor service or a depleting battery.

Real-Time Location

View real-time location of friends and family members and choose when you share your location.

Check In

Check in when you arrive at your destination and request loved ones to check in if you suspect they may need help.

Send Help

Call 9-1-1 on behalf of a loved one, sending their GPS location and personal data to the dispatcher center closest to them.

App Store Reviews

How did this not exist already

"This app improves upon the current 911 system in literally every single way. The ability to text 911, automatically alert your emergency contacts, and send 911 my medical and personal info is a huge deal. I never realized just how little data 911 currently gets. This app really modernizes the system and it's been easy to use"

Really important

"Surprised that I didn't know that 911 couldn't do all these things before, I definitely thought you could text 911. Now I know better! I think the texting 911 and the sending your location right off the bat are the most important features."

Awesome app!

"I love this app! I am a college student without a landline phone and I feel safer walking around campus at night having the Haven app on my phone. I think students, like me, would really benefit in times of need with this app!"

Our Plans

It is free to download RapidSOS Haven. All plans include full access to One-Touch-911, Family Connect, and International (global emergency number directory) features. You’ll be able to subscribe to an individual or family subscription (you won’t be charged until your introductory period is over!).


Save if you are flying solo

  • One-Touch-911, Family Connect, International (global emergency number directory)
  • Regular Price: 2.99 per month or 29.99 per year
  • 20% discount for PCHA members

Special Price: 2.39


with 30-day free introductory period

Special Price: 23.99 PER YEAR

with 90-day free introductory period


Coverage for the whole family

  • One-Touch-911, Family Connect, International (global emergency number directory)
  • Regular Price: 4.99 per month or 49.99 per year
  • 20% discount for PCHA members

Special Price: 3.99


with 30-day free introductory period

Special Price: 39.99 PER YEAR

with 90-day free introductory period

SPECIAL OFFER for those affiliated with PCHA!

20% off any subscription plan


Advanced Features Coming Soon

Live Camera Feed

Send photos or videos of injuries, accidents, etc. to help responders arrive with better situational awareness

Home Monitoring

Send data and video from your connected home

Connected Health

Transmit health data to doctors and first responders in an emergency

Wearables Integration

Allow any connected device to transmit data directly to compatible 9-1-1 dispatch systems

9-1-1 Abroad

Get help wherever you travel, with data transmission to correct emergency numbers around the world

Language Translation

Translation to English for non-native English speakers and local language translation when you travel overseas

As a 9-1-1 dispatcher for 20 years, I have instructed my entire family and all of my friends to install it. I tested the app at work and the app is amazing! The general public needs to know about this app and what it can do. I love that you can text if you need to relay information but can't speak. Everyone should get it.

- Lynne Neary, 9-1-1 dispatcher, MA




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Keep your family connected when it matters most

Haven puts the power of a home security system in your pocket, so loved ones can stay informed