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Employee Spotlight: JP Lawrence

By Omer Malik on 2/19/19 11:34 AM in Employee Spotlight

JP Lawrence works at the intersection of law and technology as an intellectual property engineer at RapidSOS. We sat down with JP and he spoke to us about the role the Intellectual Property Team plays in protecting our life-saving technology. 


Employee Spotlight: Perry Sy

By Omer Malik on 11/29/18 5:00 PM in Employee Spotlight

Perry Sy, a Frontend Engineer at RapidSOS, is our Employee Spotlight of the Week! He speaks about his passion, his love for the work he does here, and about some of the projects he’s working on now.

Employee Spotlight: Lauren Javaly

By Ramon Alvarez on 10/18/18 9:52 PM in Company News, Employee Spotlight

Wondering what it's like to be on the Engineering team of a rapidly growing start-up? Lauren Javaly shares why she wanted to work at RapidSOS, her passion for her job, and what it is like to be a woman in tech.