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Sam Bleiberg

Public Safety Predictions for 2019

By Sam Bleiberg on 1/11/19 2:23 PM in Public Safety News

2018 will go down as a landmark year for public safety.

Interview: How Washington DC 9-1-1 Accesses Emergency Data from the NG911 Clearinghouse

By Sam Bleiberg on 11/12/18 11:01 AM in Public Safety News

Washington DC’s Office of Unified Communications (OUC) operates in a unique emergency response environment. The nation’s capital, which is home to over 700,000 residents, welcomes 2.5 million weekday commuters and 20 million visitors annually....

5 Benefits to Integrating Your PSAP Software with the NG911 Clearinghouse

By Sam Bleiberg on 8/30/18 11:58 AM in Product Spotlights

Telecommunicators inside the PSAP handle millions of 9-1-1 calls with little more than a voice connection. Accurate location information and additional data is available on devices, but the challenge for PSAPs is how to make this data available...

A Milestone for NG911: Over 1,000 Public Safety Agencies Nationwide Deploy RapidSOS Technology

By Sam Bleiberg on 8/6/18 2:25 PM

We're excited to announce a major milestone on our mission to transform emergency response with life-saving technology: Over 1,000 public safety agencies nationwide have deployed the NG911 Clearinghouse emergency platform.

Get More Accurate Caller Location at NENA National

By Sam Bleiberg on 6/7/18 3:56 PM in Public Safety News

Seconds save lives in an emergency. PSAP professionals know that a fast, well-prepared emergency response begins and ends with accurate location. At the upcoming NENA National Conference, we are focused on providing every PSAP with fast and...

Resources for 911 Dispatchers, Call Takers, and PSAP Professionals

By Sam Bleiberg on 5/21/18 9:30 AM in Safety & Prevention

9-1-1 professionals inside public safety answering points (PSAPs) deal with high-pressure life-and-death situations daily. To provide the best possible outcomes in emergencies, they must be disciplined and prepared. 

The Next Step in IoT User Safety: Connecting Uber Users to 911

By Sam Bleiberg on 4/26/18 10:44 AM in Tech News

Apps and connected devices set the gold standard in collecting accurate data that makes our lives easier – starting with accurate, real-time location. What if the same technology that allows app users to order transportation with the touch of a...

Interview: Ricardo Martinez on the #IAM911 Movement and Public Safety Technology

By Sam Bleiberg on 4/2/18 10:28 AM in Public Safety News

9-1-1 dispatchers and call-takers didn’t always receive recognition as part of the first responder community. Two years ago, Ricardo Martinez, host of the Within the Trenches podcast and Director of Communications at INdigital, started a movement...

Tales from a 9-1-1 First Responder: Keith Viveiros

By Sam Bleiberg on 3/13/18 5:14 PM in Public Safety News

Close collaboration with the public safety community is a critical part of the RapidSOS mission. We’re thrilled to have seasoned 911 dispatchers, call takers, and first responders on our Public Safety team working directly in the field with staff...

10 Public Safety Blogs for 9-1-1 Dispatchers and Call Takers

By Sam Bleiberg on 3/1/18 9:32 AM in Public Safety News

9-1-1 call-takers, dispatchers, and center directors face challenging situations daily. Not only do staff in public safety answering points (PSAPs) operate in extremely high stakes situations, but they also face challenges with the limitations of...