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Employee Spotlight: JP Lawrence

By Omer Malik on 2/19/19 11:34 AM in Employee Spotlight

JP Lawrence works at the intersection of law and technology as an intellectual property engineer at RapidSOS. We sat down with JP and he spoke to us about the role the Intellectual Property Team plays in protecting our life-saving technology. 


Spring Public Safety Conferences: Your PSAP's Path to Additional Data

By Omer Malik on 1/18/19 3:50 PM in Public Safety News

At RapidSOS, our mission is to provide public safety professionals with the technology they need to best serve their communities. In order to understand the needs of public safety professionals, our public safety team works to develop a deep...

Public Safety Predictions for 2019

By Sam Bleiberg on 1/11/19 2:23 PM in Public Safety News

2018 will go down as a landmark year for public safety.

5 Times the NG911 Clearinghouse Has Helped Dispatchers Save Lives

By Michelle Cahn on 12/6/18 10:24 AM in RapidLite, NG911 Clearinghouse

Over the past couple months we have heard countless stories from our public safety partners where data through the NG911 Clearinghouse has helped save lives. Read on to hear firsthand from PSAPs using the tech and find out how you can get access...

Employee Spotlight: Perry Sy

By Omer Malik on 11/29/18 5:00 PM in Employee Spotlight

Perry Sy, a Frontend Engineer at RapidSOS, is our Employee Spotlight of the Week! He speaks about his passion, his love for the work he does here, and about some of the projects he’s working on now.

A New Future for Mobile Safety

By Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS on 11/29/18 4:42 PM in Company News

We developed the Haven app to ensure that first responders could quickly find you in an emergency. We are grateful for your support of Haven and are proud to have helped save lives with this technology.

Your PSAP’s Guide to Operationalizing RapidLite

By Michelle Cahn on 11/15/18 12:16 PM in RapidLite, NG911 Clearinghouse

RapidLite is a 100% free, easy-to-deploy, and zero-commitment solution, making it many agencies' first tool to access life-saving emergency data from the NG911 Clearinghouse. Whether you are planning to use RapidLite or recently signed up, this...

Interview: How Washington DC 9-1-1 Accesses Emergency Data from the NG911 Clearinghouse

By Sam Bleiberg on 11/12/18 11:01 AM in Public Safety News

Washington DC’s Office of Unified Communications (OUC) operates in a unique emergency response environment. The nation’s capital, which is home to over 700,000 residents, welcomes 2.5 million weekday commuters and 20 million visitors annually....

RapidSOS Announces $30M in Series B Funding

By Michael Martin on 11/6/18 9:19 AM in Company News

I’m excited to announce that RapidSOS has raised $30M in Series B funding to further our mission to transform global emergency communication. This round further accelerates our work with public safety over the past six months:

Employee Spotlight: Lauren Javaly

By Ramon Alvarez on 10/18/18 9:52 PM in Company News, Employee Spotlight

Wondering what it's like to be on the Engineering team of a rapidly growing start-up? Lauren Javaly shares why she wanted to work at RapidSOS, her passion for her job, and what it is like to be a woman in tech.